EXO’s Chanyeol Blessed All Of Korea With His Visual On The National News

He glowed and that was that.

President Trump arrived in Korea on June 29, 2019 and he was greeted by the South Korean President Moon, along with Korean stars like professional golfer Park Se Ri and K-Pop idol group EXO. The whole visit was aired on national news and in this coverage, EXO’s Chanyeol accidentally wowed the entire country with his flawless visuals.


As President Trump proceeded to meet and greet the guests President Moon had invited to the Blue House for the summit, all of South Korean national news channels reported on the reception. Some news channels were able to film good footage of EXO members saying hello and shaking hands with the POTUS.


Reportedly, EXO members have been invited for the family members of President Trump. EXO presented Ivanka Trump, who is known to be a big EXO fan, with signed CDs.


Throughout the reception, Chanyeol, in his blonde hair styled up, continued to be spotted on camera. But his most breathtaking moment came when he locked eyes with President Trump while the two eagerly shook hands. His visual, caught on camera and aired nationwide, immediately became one of the most attention-grabbing moments for a lot of K-Pop fans and even the general public was wowed by “that handsome blonde guy”.


Netizens have now agreed that Chanyeol has a “good face for international affairs” and that he is more than worthy to represent the South Korean nation, with his glowing visuals.

This is the kind of face that stands in the front of the line at important events. Such a good face…

— Netizen

He has always been good-looking, but he’s like… really good-looking.

— Netizen

I guess this is what diplomacy looks like…!

— Netizen


Check out how Chanyeol graced YTN News channel’s coverage with his radiance:

Source: THEQOO