EXO’s Chanyeol Finally Got To Wear His Deadpool Halloween Costume

Chanyeol is finally Deadpool!

EXO‘s Chanyeol has always been a Halloween enthusiast, making sure he had the most high quality costumes ready for the holiday!

exo chanyeol deadpool 7
Chanyeol won 1st place with his Iron Man suit in 2017.


However, he was unable to attend the SMTOWN WONDERLAND Halloween party this year because his costume didn’t make it through customs on time.

baekhyun chanyeol deadpool

“Chanyeol wanted to go to the part and was all ready but the costume didn’t make it on time, so he was angry.”

— Baekhyun

But Chanyeol wouldn’t let his long-awaited suit go to waste! He finally got to show off his Deadpool suit as a special event for his fans on his birthday!

exo chanyeol deadpool 6


During his birthday party with his fans, he finally got to wear his suit!

exo chanyeol deadpool 3

And he looked exactly as all EXO-Ls thought he would look like – dashing, comedic, and the perfect Deadpool!

exo chanyeol deadpool 2


He continued to converse with his fans in his special suit…

exo chanyeol deadpool 4

And even cut his cake in the special suit! Chanyeol definitely made up for lost time as he celebrated his birthday with his fans!

exo chanyeol deadpool 1

It was a night that Chanyeol and EXO-Ls will never forget!

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