Fans Are Demanding Better Protection For EXO After Seeing Chanyeol Get Elbowed At The Airport

EXO-Ls are tired of seeing EXO get mobbed at the airport.

After seeing the kind of treatment EXO‘s Chanyeol and Sehun got at the airport on one of their most recent trips, EXO-Ls are begging SM Entertainment to do something to help protect them better.


A few days ago, Chanyeol and Sehun were spotted at the airport heading off for their next schedule. While they were gone a few days, they recently returned and that’s when the problems started. Almost immediately they were surrounded by a crowd of people and soon the crowd was growing even larger.


As Chanyeol and Sehun tried to walk through the mob, security tried hard to make a safe path for them through. But despite their best efforts, many fans noticed that Chanyeol not only got pushed by the group but also elbowed!


They continued struggling through the mob even as they got into their vans to leave the airport.


When videos of the incident started circulating online, EXO-Ls were horrified by the treatment they received. They were sincerely worried about their safety and protection especially since this isn’t the first time EXO members have been mobbed at the airport.


Soon EXO-Ls were tweeting out messages in many languages, asking SM Entertainment for better protection and security.


Although SM Entertainment hasn’t responded yet, fans are very hopeful that they will increase protective measures for EXO and their other artists.