Online Post That Spread Falsehoods And Slander About EXO’s Chanyeol Has Been Charged By Prosecution

SM Entertainment will deal with it legally.

According to an investigation by SPOTV News on May 17, 2021, it was revealed that a person who had written a post containing false details about EXO Chanyeol‘s personal life had been indicted by the prosecution.

Previously, a post was written about EXO’s Chanyeol, regarding his personal life. It is not revealed to the public as to the exact contents of the post or which online post had been indicted. As many know, Chanyeol has been at the mercy of hate from online communities. SM Entertainment is reported to be legally dealing with any slanderous posts or spread of falsehoods. It was relayed to the media that the agency would be continuing with the lawsuit for the matter.

Since late 2020, rumors about his private life have been swirling around on the internet. Although SM Entertainment had publicly stated that they are unable to verify personal matters with regards to Chanyeol’s dating rumors, they have been proceeding with legal investigations and lawsuits for matters of personal attacks, insults and slander.

The investigation is now underway by the police. The results of the case will be released after the investigation concludes. In other news, Chanyeol is currently serving in the military, having enlisted on March 29, 2021.
Source: SPOTV News


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