After More Than 2 Years EXO’s Chanyeol Returned To Weibo And Had Everyone Celebrating Big

SuperELLE even opened up a giveaway in celebration!

With almost 2.5 years since EXO Chanyeol‘s last appearance on Weibo, he just made his return to the site and had fans all over the world celebrating big!

On March 13, Chanyeol surprised fans all over the world when he posted a handsome selca on the site along with a message expressing how excited he was to be back!

As soon as Chanyeol posted his message, fans all over the world began celebrating…

None more so than C-Eris! In China, celebrations reached a whole other level as he began trending on Weibo’s hot search, took over the trends on Huya TV, and gained over 1 million followers!

Some fans were so excited that they even created giveaways!

And they weren’t the only ones celebrating! Like some fans, SuperELLE joined in the celebrations by announcing a giveaway event of Chanyeol’s original posters from the magazine!

After almost 2.5 years, Chanyeol definitely gave fans the best kind of surprise and in return, he was welcomed back like the king he is! Now, hopefully, we’ll get to experience even more amazing new posts from him!