EXO’s Chanyeol Surprises Fans By Revealing The Gift He Gave Baekhyun Before His Enlistment

Fans are touched by his kindness.

EXO Chanyeol has kept his promise with his fans about giving them content on the 27th of every month even while he is completing his military service.

But in his most recent vlog, posted to his personal YouTube channel, fans are realizing just how prepared Chanyeol was in leaving enough content for them during his enlistment.

The vlog was taken while he was driving to film for EXO’s “Don’t Fight the Feeling” music video, a day before his enlistment.

And he used the vlog to talk honestly with fans, reassuring them that he wasn’t worried about enlistment and talking about the variety of content that he planned so far in advance to keep his promise.

But aside from fans being touched by their kindness towards both themselves and himself, as he left a short encouraging video message cheering himself on…

… fans were touched when they realized the steps Chanyeol took in showing consideration towards his members.

In his vlog, Chanyeol mentions that because of COVID, his members aren’t able to be with him when he goes to enlist, and so instead, he prepared things for them in advance.

For instance, Suho picked out Chanyeol’s outfit for when he enlists, but since Chanyeol wouldn’t be able to take pictures with his members that day, Chanyeol wore the outfit to the music video filming so they could take pictures together.

He also mentioned the gift he prepared for Baekhyun‘s own enlistment a few months later.

Chanyeol mentions that D.O. got him a watch for his own enlistment that D.O. had found useful.

And so, in order to carry the gesture forward and repay Baekhyun for his kindness in going to vocal lessons with him, Chanyeol bought the same watch to gift to Baekhyun.

Fans were incredibly touched by Chanyeol’s kind gesture, even if they were surprised that Baekhyun’s watch that he wore for his enlistment was actually from Chanyeol.

Chanyeol’s most recent vlog truly showcases his kind heart, and fans can look forward to what other content the idol has prepared for the future.

You can watch the rest of the vlog here.