EXO’s Chanyeol Continues To Trend On Twitter After His Heartfelt Apology


EXO‘s Chanyeol is trending on Twitter after his recent apology.

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Just a few hours ago, Chanyeol posted an official letter onto EXO’s LYSN fan-page, apologizing to his fans about his alleged controversy. Ever since the news of his apology letter went live, the EXO member has been trending on Twitter with numerous related hashtags. #WELCOMEBACKCHANYEOL has been ranking first in different countries, proving that the love EXO-L fans have for Chanyeol has remained strong. Here’s what some of his fans had to say.

| @baekhyunskrrt/Twitter

This EXO fan-page shared the insane news that Chanyeol related tweets have surpassed one million in total!

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It wasn’t just EXO fans who have been rallying behind Chanyeol. A GOT7 fan showed their camaraderie for the EXO member’s return by tweeting this in support.

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Here is another fan sharing the incredible news about Chanyeol, revealing the power he holds around the world.

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This EXO fan asks for the unification of all EXO-L’s during this time of his potential return.

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Chanyeol’s apology broke his 4 month long hiatus that was attributed to the alleged controversy. Since then, EXO-Ls have been patiently waiting for his return to the industry. With his formal apology letter, it seems that he may be slowly marking his return into the public eye.

We are with the EXO-Ls on this one. We are ready for Chanyeol’s return and can’t wait to see him back on our television screens!