EXO Look Back At Their Debut Photos, And It Quickly Turns Into A Roasting Session

One thing that will never change is EXO being chaotic.

EXO reflected on their debut photos on CHEN FM after listening to Chen‘s song, “Photograph.”


They looked at D.O.‘s photos first, given that he couldn’t make the shoot, and Chanyeol instantly commented how it was taken during D.O.’s more talkative and mischievous days. He and the other members also noticed that D.O.’s character in his most recent drama, Bad Prosecutor, has a similar styling to D.O.’s earlier appearance, and his character’s personality is just the extreme version of D.O.’s mischievous side.

EXO looked at Sehun‘s pictures next, and the members were surprised that he didn’t look that different from the present.

Kai teased Sehun, saying this photo was taken during the time Sehun’s voice was cracking every three measures thanks to puberty. Still, it’s also a stark reminder of how long the members have been together and how young Sehun and Kai were when they debuted.

Chen pulled up Suho‘s picture next, and like Sehun, Suho’s appearance has hardly changed since his debut (meaning, his handsome visuals have always and will always exist).

Chanyeol and Sehun started bickering over whether Suho looked better then or now, but while they were debating, Suho quietly roasted his past self.

He was too skinny. Like anchovy.

— Suho

Chanyeol then asserted his position of liking Suho now, mainly not because of his appearance but rather the depth of their friendship.

I like the current Suho … I wasn’t very close with him back then.

— Suho

The next member to review was Xiumin, and living up to his ever-youthful reputation, there was no change between the past Xiumin and now, even down to his smile.

The members even remarked that his EXO debut teaser photo looks very similar to one of his solo debut teasers. As always, EXO’s fairy is defying the limits of time.

Sehun couldn’t hold himself back from teasing Chanyeol as he asked whose pictures they had left to review, but he accidentally skipped over Kai as well. Kai had no hard feelings and instead joined Sehun in his relentless teasing of Chanyeol.

Sehun: Who else is left?

Kai: Me.

Sehun: *laughing* Ah, I was trying to tease Chanyeol.

Kai: Do we have his pictures too?

Reflecting on Kai’s pictures went fast, and after confirming once again how timeless Kai’s visuals were, the members moved on to review Chen’s old photos.

It really seemed like they were going to skip over Chanyeol’s pictures, and though the members reassured Chanyeol by saying they were saving his pictures for last, they couldn’t resist joking around. Chanyeol himself ended up joining in!

Chen: Now …

Chanyeol: You didn’t show mine.

Kai: We’ll get there, wait.

Chen: Chanyeol’s at the end. I’ll show them at the end.

Kai: Don’t get so anxious.

Chanyeol: Try staying in the military for a year and a half, you will get anxious too.

Suho: Chen also went!

Chanyeol: So he looks very anxious right now!

Chanyeol then compared Chen to an NPC in a video game giving out quests, earning the brightest smiles and laughter from the rest of the members.

After collecting themselves, Chen reviewed his own photo, and not much had changed besides the hairstyle. Given how all the EXO members have retained their youth and visuals after ten years in the industry proves how well they’ve taken care of themselves and how beautiful they all naturally are.

Finally, they went over Chanyeol’s debut teaser photos, and before they even saw the picture, Sehun was already laughing. Sehun was determined to mess with his hyung for the entirety of CHEN FM, proving how the relationship between the two is one of true brotherhood.

The rest of EXO joined Sehun as soon as the photo was revealed, thanks to Chanyeol’s long hair. While there were mixed reviews on whether short or long hair suited Chanyeol better, at the end of the day, EXO were united in their desire to mess with the latest member to return from the army.

With the members slowly reuniting, the chaos of their dynamics grows stronger and stronger, and we can’t wait to see the full extent of their crazy antics when they’re all back together.