Netizens Praise An EXO-L For Their Heartwarming Fan Call To EXO’s Chen That Mentioned His Children

“You can’t expect something to be accepted or normalized and treat it like a taboo at the same time…”

A fan has gained praise from fans after her heartwarming comments to EXO‘s Chen about his daughters during a recent fan call.

EXO’s Chen | @weareoneEXO/Twitter

EXO’s Chen has always gained praise and attention from fans for his unreal talent, ethereal visuals, and charming charisma that has netizens melting.



Yet, Chen faced backlash when the idol announced that he was getting married and expecting a child in 2020, and then further criticized after it was announced he was expecting another child in 2022.

Although most international fans congratulated the idol, Korean fans even sent trucks to have Chen removed from the group, and even in 2023, protests were sent about removing the idol and fellow member Chanyeol.

Remove Chen and Chanyeol, who harmed the group. Stop treating fans like fools. EXO doesn’t need malignant members. Chen, Chanyeol, Out.

— Truck

Protest truck outside the SM Entertainment building. | @outccout_/Twitter

Recently, a fan gained attention after their heartwarming call with EXO’s Chen. In a post shared online, it was revealed that a fan shared some loving words with the idol about his daughters.

As the user explained, looking at the video of Chen, it was impossible not to see the smile on the idol’s face.

While some fans shared more negative opinions about the fan call, including letting idols be the first to speak about their personal lives, most fans couldn’t hide their love and admiration for the fan.

In particular, after all the hate he received after the news, many loved that Chen got to hear loving comments. Many also added that as long as fans don’t speak about Chen’s marriage and family, it adds to the sentiment that it is “taboo.”

Even when the fan call was posted on TikTok…


we need to act like a mature fans who support him and wish him happiness with his little family! bahagia selalu untuk eri dan semua orang yang mendukung keputusan chen✨🫰 #exo #weareone #fyp #foryoupage #fypシ

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Netizens couldn’t hide their appreciation for the fan. Although it was a small gesture, netizens couldn’t stop sharing their animation and just how happy Chen looked.

While more idols are getting married and starting families, Chen received a lot of backlash that international netizens deemed unnecessary. For many, the fact that Chen is hearing positive words about his family has melted many hearts.