Netizens Claim That One Of EXO Chanyeol’s Photocards Was Taken When He Was On A Date With His Alleged Ex-Girlfriend

They compared him to Chen.

Netizens have uncovered what they claim to be another piece of the puzzle in EXO Chanyeol‘s recent controversy. In a post written by his alleged ex-girlfriend, the rapper was accused of cheating on her consistently for 3 years. She had uploaded the following photograph along with the post.

| theqoo

Netizens speculate that from his unique hairstyle and the clothing he was wearing, the above photo was taken on the same day as this photo with a Christmas tree that he had uploaded on social media.

| theqoo

It was also claimed that he had taken this selfie on the same day. The selfie was then used for an official photograph in one of EXO’s albums.

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Netizens are enraged over the fact that he had used such a photograph for official goods. They compared him to fellow member Chen, who used a photograph displaying his rosary couple ring as a photocard.

| theqoo

Netizens have been left baffled at what they claim is the audacity of his actions.

| theqoo
  • “Wow, truly a ‘boyfriend-pic’.”
  • “Just curious, but if she really turns out to be his real girlfriend, but the cheating was a lie, what will happen? Kim Hyun Joong too, didn’t they date but the dating violence was a fabrication?”
  • “It’s just funny that the sent a photo to fans from his date.”
  • “Seems like the girlfriend was a good person as she didn’t make it obvious the whole time they were dating.”
  • “Wow kkkkkkk so he made a photocard out of a photo his girlfriend took? kkkkk Wow.”
  • SM Entertainment released a statement but there’s no word of denying it neither that they will sue.”
  • “Truly a ‘boyfriend-pic’ f*ck kkkkkk”
  • “I lost my words at the photocard.”

SM Entertainment previously released a statement about the issue. Chanyeol himself has yet to address the matter.

Source: theqoo


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