EXO’s Winter Album As A Complete Group Is Up In The Air After EXO-CBX’s Conflict With SM

Fans aren’t sure when they’ll ever see a complete group comeback.

Although group EXO had plans to release a winter album as a complete group, the release date has become uncertain due to the current conflict between EXO-CBX and SM Entertainment.


According to the music industry, SM discussed activities for releasing a full album this winter. It was expected to be a song that brings out the winter season rather than a strong performance-centered song.

Although no more discussions about the winter album project were held in the first half of this year due to solo and individual activities, they all kept in mind the release of a potential winter album.


However, plans for the winter album have been put on hold after EXO-CBX’s emergency press conference against SM Entertainment. SM also plans to sue the members and take legal action.

On June 10, EXO-CBX’s agency held a press conference claiming unfair treatment from SM Entertainment. SM refuted the claims and released a 4-part statement on why they believe their claims are false.

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As both parties experienced conflict last year, many industry officials expect it won’t be easy to see EXO’s winter album as a complete group until they reach a clear and concise agreement.

Netizens were divided on the news, with some still hoping they would release a winter album with the remaining members.

Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Why are they acting like they are doing it for the fans. If they really thought of the fans, they wouldn’t do this. Just release the winter album without them. So ridiculous. Do they even have the right to talk about fans?”
  • “Can’t they release it without them?”
  • “With the situation like this, I don’t want them to release an album in a rush. Get everything situated and reorganize everything before coming out with something.”
  • “I was excited after seeing spoilers…ah so annoyed.”
  • “Is this SM’s media play…”
  • “I thought it was perfect timing as ‘First Snow’ gained a lot of attention…how unfortunate…”
  • “Just stop…it’s enough.”
  • “They’re thinking of the fans?”
Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Sigh…I’m tearing up…what is all this.”
  • “They aren’t thinking of the fans at all.”
  • “So annoyed…just get out!”
  • “You said they thought of the fans? Is this right?”
  • “Stop, stop. Just do it without them if you’re going to do it.”
  • “So annoyed…just leave now…”

SM Entertainment Claims EXO-CBX Just Wants To Take Advantage Of EXO’s Name And Plans Legal Action

Source: isplus and theqoo


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