EXO D.O. and Actor Jo Jung Suk show off their relationship in new MV

EXO‘s D.O. and actor Jo Jung Suk join each other for a sweet duet as they release Don’t Worry, Dear for their movie, Hyung.

After the release of new photo stills and a movie trailer, the highly anticipated OST featuring D.O. and Jo Jung Suk has finally been released. The music video for Don’t Worry, Dear shows off the sweet vocals of both actors and their close relationship to one another.

There are also clips from the movie that give the viewers a chance to see both actors show their natural chemistry as brothers on and off screen. In the music video, both actors are seen comfortably singing together as D.O. leans his head on Jo Jung Suk’s shoulder. Jo Jung Suk jokingly places his hand on D.O.’s cheek as they both smile at each other.

The family comedy movie is set to release on November 30th.

Currently, D.O. is actively promoting Hyung while attending music award shows with EXO. They’ve won several awards at the Asian Music Awards and the Melon Music Awards.  Actor Jo Jung Suk recently finished wrapping up his drama, Jealousy Incarnate and is actively promoting Hyung as well.

Check out Don’t Worry, Dear below!