EXO’s D.O To Star In Science-Fiction Movie, “The Moon” – Actor Kyung Soo Is Back And EXO-Ls Are Loving It

It was actually once on his bucket list to visit the moon – what a twist of fate!

EXO‘s D.O, better known as Do Kyung Soo when he acts, will be starring in a science-fiction movie, The Moon.

Set to start filming in early 2021, The Moon is about a desperate story of two men – one who is stranded in outerspace due to an accident, and the other who tries to frantically get him back to Earth safely.

Actor Seol Kyung Gu will be his co-star, acting as the a man that works at an observatory. He is a loner and coincidentally becomes connected with the man who is stranded out in space. D.O will naturally play the man that is stuck on the moon.

Seol Kyung Gu | Chosun

D.O will be reuniting with the director for Along With The Gods 2, one of his most prominent roles to date. EXO-Ls are naturally extremely excited about the news. Here are the 5 reactions that we could most definitely relate to.

1. Best idol actor

It’s amazing how he’s not yet been discharged and he has already been casted.

2. Calling all EXO-Ls back for a reunion

Call your friends, call your family, call your fellow fans! It’s time to gather to welcome actor Kyung Soo back!

3. Bring on the space edits

Whoa – the trailer isn’t even out and EXO-Ls are already on it! These edits are amazing.

4. A reminder that he’s not the only actor in EXO

EXO is a bunch of well-rounded boys it seems.

5. Indeed.

What Kyung Soo wants, Kyung Soo gets. An uncommon way of fulfilling his bucket list but at least he gets his wish!

While we wait for more information on The Moon, don’t forget that the lovely singer and actor discharges sometime in March 2021!

Source: Star Today