EXO To Perform Their First “Obsession” Music Show Comeback Through “Music Bank”

EXO and EXO-L are finally getting the album promotion they deserve!

EXO will finally be making a comeback on a music show for their latest hit, “Obsession”. They are confirmed to appear on the Music Bank episode that’s scheduled to air on December 6.

Their new album dropped over a week ago but the group has yet to perform live outside of their comeback special, titled EXO THE STAGE. Fans were able to see both EXO and X-EXO perform “Obsession”.


SM had previously announced that EXO will not be promoting the album actively. They initially claimed that the group will not appear on music shows, variety shows, radio shows, and more.

But after the fans expressed an overwhelming amount of objection, it appears SM has decided to give EXO and their fans what they want!

EXO has already filmed their first variety shows, Radio Star and Knowing Bros, and is scheduled to appear on Kim Shin Young’s Request Song at Noon on December 4. And EXO-Ls will be able to see EXO perform their first music show comeback through Music Bank!


Stay tuned for more updates on EXO’s growing promotions for “Obsession”!

Source: Star Daily News