EXO-Ls Infuriated Over SM Entertainment Cancelling EXO’s Only Album Promotion

“We aren’t even getting the bare minimum at this point.”

EXO is set to make a splash in the K-Pop scene with their comeback on November 27. Their sixth album Obsession will mark EXO’s most recent return to the K-Pop scene since “Tempo” around eleven months ago.

A few bits of information have since been released about the comeback, such as spoilers about their side tracks and teaser photos.

Unfortunately for fans, they have been informed that there would be little to no promotion for this comeback. More upsetting, however, is SM Entertainment‘s allegedly poor management of the group just days leading up to the album release.

The company has just cancelled the press conference of the album which was scheduled to take place on November 27 at 11am KST.

This comes as a result of the unfortunate news of fellow artist Goo Hara‘s passing. A number of EXO-Ls, while agreeing with the move done out of respect, believe that SM Entertainment was using it as an excuse to continue to mistreat to the group.

EXO-Ls would have preferred that the company postpone events instead of cancelling them. They stated that fans already have few opportunities to see EXO perform, and yet the group will have no promotions despite waiting months for a comeback.

As a result, EXO has almost no more chances to promote their latest album. This was particularly upsetting as Obsession was the only group comeback of 2019.

A number of fans, on the other hand, agreed with SM Entertainment’s decision, citing the present situation of the industry as a time of mourning.

EXO will continue to release their album on November 27 despite having no schedules following it.