EXO Fans And GOT7 Fans Unite Together On Twitter — To Share Music With One Another

On today’s episode of wholesome content we didn’t know we needed…

A surprising friendship between fandoms of two of the biggest boy groups in South Korea may be on its way. It’s been reported that EXO fans and GOT7 fans recently came together on Twitter, where they created a safe space to share each groups’ songs with one another.

GOT7 (top) and EXO (bottom) | @GOT7Official/Twitter, Star Daily News

Much to the sadness of both fandoms, the music sharing ended a few hours ago, but the hashtag #exoxgot7 has started to trend in light of the newfound friendship. The hashtag gained quick momentum, as it found itself in the first place ranking for the K-Pop category,

| Twitter

And 8th place worldwide.

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As the hashtag continues to trend hours after the music sharing concluded, it seems that both EXO fans and GOT7 fans wanted to keep the positive energy flowing between the two fandoms.

This particular fan couldn’t help themselves when comparing the goofiness between EXO’s Chanyeol and GOT7’s BamBam.

Another fan pointed out the fact that each boy group has an amazing main dancer — EXO has Kai and GOT7 has Yugyeom.

This particular fan shared photos of the two groups’ different interactions.

The same fan also realized that both groups have phenomenal actors! EXO with D.O and GOT7 with Jinyoung. Could you imagine if they both appeared in the same K-Drama?

And then we have this fan, who thanked a Twitter user for creating such a positive space for both fandoms.

What an amazing get together between two of the world’s biggest fandoms! We love this energy and maybe one day, we will get to see an amazing collaboration between the two groups.

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