Fact Check: Is There EXO Merch In SEVENTEEN’s New Concept Photos?

A post went viral of Wonwoo.

SEVENTEEN recently released concept photos for their 11th Mini Album SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN.

In one version, the members had a photoshoot with many athletic jerseys in the background.

One baseball jersey caught the attention of netizens. A photo of Wonwoo went viral with 356K views at the time of writing.

The OP (Original Poster) pointed out what appeared to be an Exoplanet baseball jersey in the background. The EXO members often wore these jerseys.

EXO’s Sehun

Many multi-fans were initially excited to see the photo, wondering if an EXO-L was the set designer. Yet, some questioned the authenticity.

Fans realized the viral post was edited by looking at the original post from the official SEVENTEEN social media account.


The baseball jersey had an entirely different logo, not Exoplanet.