EXO’s Kai Sends EXO-L Into A Frenzy With His Buff Body, Visuals, And New Haircut At The Airport

He’s too handsome for words 😍

EXO‘s Kai is always handsome, but his May 13 airport look has fans positively swooning!

EXO’s Kai | @zkdlin/Instagram

Kai departed from Incheon International Airport for Frankfurt, Germany on May 13. He’s headed to Germany to perform at KPop.Flex, Europe’s first-ever K-Pop festival.

| @kpop_flex/Twitter

The festival’s lineup also includes(G)I-DLEMONSTA XENHYPENNCT DREAMMAMAMOO, and AB6IX.

| @kpop_flex/Twitter

Kai set off for Germany in style in a Gucci suit, and he definitely caught everyone’s attention while walking through the airport!

| @koreadispatch/Instagram

EXO-L was definitely happy to see Kai’s visuals on full display at the airport, and they loved his undercut haircut.

Kai’s suit perfectly showed off his broad shoulders and made him look incredibly muscular. Just look at those shoulders!

| Newsen

Fans took to Twitter to talk about how buff and handsome Kai looked as he walked through the airport.

EXO-L was especially shook when Kai took off his suit jacket and his arm muscles came into view.

We hope Kai, the other artists, and all the K-Pop fans have a great time at KPop.Flex!


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