EXO’s Kai Pushed And Shoved By Mob At The Airport

They put Kai’s safety in danger.

EXO‘s Kai is no stranger to screaming fans and hordes of people waiting to see him at the airport, but his latest experience has left a bad taste in many EXO-Ls mouths.


Kai recently headed off to Paris so that he could attend the Gucci show during Paris Fashion Week, but after landing at the airport, he was soon overtaken by fans.


From the moment he stepped foot in the airport, he was surrounded by people trying to get close to him and take his picture.


Although he had his manager and a security guard, the two struggled to keep the fans from crushing the star.


As he attempted to leave, the excited crowd continued to follow him, pushing and shoving as they went…


All the way to the exit!


And even when he managed to exit the building, the horde of people continued to follow him with one fan even jumping the barrier in an attempt to get closer to him.


Some fans did attempt to help the idol out and could be heard shouting to “give him some space” while others shouted not to push him, but the crowd just wasn’t listening.


When video of the incident went up online, EXO-Ls expressed their frustration with the whole event and called out those fans who were pushing to get closer to him.


Luckily, Kai was able to get away from the crowd safely and went on to attend the fashion show the next day!