EXO’s Kai Styles Actor Bae Jung Nam In His Choice Of Fashion And Tries On The Look Too

Here’s how both men rocked the look.

EXO‘s Kai recently guested on actor Bae Jung Nam‘s reality show, Devil Jungnam. In the show, Bae Jung Nam invites various guests over to his clothing shop to style him. Kai was given the task of choosing an outfit for the fashionista actor.

Bae Jung Nam first tried on a checkered sweater vest with a button-up detail. This was chosen by a staff.

He paired it with a short-sleeved white shirt and loose slacks.

However, Bae Jung Nam pointed out that there was one small miscalculation. The shirt was of an oversized fit, while the vest was of a standard fit. This mismatch can make a person look bulkier than they really are.

Back to the drawing board it was! This time it was Kai’s turn. He selected a new outfit, and this time, he received full marks!

Bae Jung Nam commented that the look was very trendy, and would be what young folks wear currently. Kai had paired a 3/4 sleeve striped shirt with a solid brown knit vest. Both items were of a looser fit. To complement the casual look, Kai added a baseball cap in a neutral tone.

Drop-crotch denim pants and white sneakers completed the look. Who could tell Bae Jung Nam is close to 40 years of age!

Kai tried on the look himself while Bae Jung Nam changed back to his regular clothing. Kai rocked the outfit as well, looking like the Gucci model he is.

Might we add that Bae Jung Nam looks mighty fine in his black suit?

Catch the full video below for more of Kai’s adorable antics.