EXO-Ls Are Convinced That Kai Is A Real-Life Bratz Doll, And Honestly, We Are Too

Kai is a Bratz doll IRL, and we got proof.

What do EXO‘s Kai and Bratz dolls have in common?

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They’ve both made a comeback.

Kai recently released his second EP Peaches (and we still got it on repeat).

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Meanwhile, Bratz has also upped their social media game just in time for their 20th anniversary!

That’s not all, of course. These two icons share some physical traits, making the resemblance undeniable.

Just look at these lips for one thing…

EXO-Ls can’t ignore that Bratz boys Kobe, Dylan, and Kobe especially bear great resemblance to the EXO member. Cameron, nicknamed “The Blaze,” is adventurous and hot, just like Kai’s onstage persona.

Dylan is nicknamed “The Fox,” and we can confirm that Kai too is worthy of such a nickname.

So, a new meme trend has taken over the internet. From Twitter to TikTok to YouTube, you’re bound to see Kai as Bratz dolls. Like, there are literal threads with evidence that Kai is a Bratz doll IRL.

Many EXO-Ls are simply posting pictures of the Bratz boys with iconic lyrics from EXO and Kai. This has sparked an ever-growing meme.

If that couldn’t get any funnier, there are even audio edits and fancams for your viewing pleasure.


peaches (bratz ver) 😝 #kai #kaipeaches #kaiedit #kaixbratz #exo #bratz #fyp

♬ Peaches – KAI

If you’re still not convinced, even Bratz agrees that Kai is a Bratz doll IRL…

So, where’s our official Kai Bratz doll? Heck, there’s even fanart proving that a Kai Bratz doll would be stunning.

Until Bratz makes a Kai doll a reality, we’ll just have to improvise… and make our own.


wow it looks just like him 😍 /j #kai #kaipeaches #jongin #exo #bratz #kpop #fypシ

♬ Peaches – KAI

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