EXO’s Kai Reveals Why All Aspiring Dancers Need A Hat To Look Good At Dancing

Learn from the master himself!

EXO‘s Kai recently guested on I Live Alone, and brought along a very special guest! He invited his close, longtime friend, Kwonho! Kwonho is known as the only non-celebrity in Kai’s close knit group of friends including BTS‘s Jimin, HOTSHOT‘s Moongyu, SHINee‘s Taemin and Ha Sungwoon.

| @pjmstarts/Twitter

He was trying to teach “Tempo” to Kwonho, who was diligently learning from the master himself.

However, as he seemed to be struggling slightly at first, Kai revealed that he brought along a very special secret weapon – a hat. According to Kai, a hat is the basis of all dance!

He shared that it helps aspiring dancers especially, given that when you wear it low, you aren’t able to see much. When that happens, you begin to lose your insecurity and grow confident!

Kai also revealed that with a hat on, you only can take calculated, slight glances at the mirror. This helps you to look like you can dance better without relying on monitoring your moves.

Once Kai has his cap on and lowered, it means he’s ready to go all out with his dance!

What a cool tip for all dancers out there! Catch how sweetly he teaches the choreography to his friend in the clip below.