EXO-Ls Are Pumped That Kai Is Joining The Cast Of A Brand New Variety Show Set In England

EXO-Ls will get to see Kai in a brand new variety show very soon!

EXO-Ls have seen Kai on all sorts of variety and reality programs including EXO‘s very own shows but besides his occasional guest appearances on shows like Under 19, Kai hasn’t appeared in any variety program by himself.


Now, however, Kai is taking on a big role in a brand new variety show coming soon! Kai will be joining actor Kim Su Ro and actress Lee Si Yeon on the program, Eulachacha Mansuro, that will be set in England.

Kim Su Ro


Last year, Kim Su Ro acquired ownership of an English soccer team and the show is said to focus on the actor personally meeting and running the soccer team. Although there has been no news as to what role Kai or Lee Si Yeon will be taking, the entire cast is set to depart for England next week.


EXO-Ls are already incredibly excited about the news and can’t wait to see the show which will air within the first half of the year if everything goes according to plan!

Source: Sports Donga