EXO’s Kai Talks About Finally Making His Solo Debut, Self-Love, And Family

The important thing is to be happy.

EXO’s Kai recently worked with W Korea for a photo shoot and interview to talk about his debut solo album, dancing, love for his family, and more.

The interviewer started out by asking what things that he couldn’t do. He revealed that there were many things that he couldn’t do, one of them being using his body.

The interviewer was shocked at his answer as using his body was something Kai was known for. “Honestly, besides dancing and posing for shoots, I can’t do anything else with my body. I’m not good at working out and I always break things. I lose a lot of things and I tend to just live a simple life and just go with the flow of things.”

Kai made his long-awaited solo debut on November 30 and released his title track “Mmmh.” He revealed that the word ‘Mmmh’ is a sound that has a lot of different meaning. “We use this phrase unconsciously in our daily life. You just used the word a second ago. We use it to buy some time when thinking about something or to let someone know that we heard them. I felt that it wouldn’t be fun to portray ‘Mmmh’ in simple way so I expressed it through the music video.”

He also released FILM: KAI on YouTube, which showcased a short performance of each song on the album. “It’s a highlight medley that gives a visual representation of each track on the album. I wanted bring people’s imaginations to life through these performances. As I gathered songs for the album I saw that each track had its own story. Although most of them are love stories, there are many different perspectives on love.”

The interviewer asked, “Artist Kai seems like someone who doesn’t have any flaws and will go at it until they reach perfection.” However, Kai felt differently. “I am not the strong-willed type. I just do what I need to do, as much as I need to do it.”

You seem like someone that knows how to take care and cherish yourself.

You have to. We all need to take care and cherish ourselves. For those that find it hard to do that, once you experience something hard, you will be able to change in that moment. Of course it would be best to change before having to experience something like that. Are we not living to be happy? I think that happiness also comes with effort. I am always striving for happiness.

⁠— Kai

He also revealed his love and respect for his family. “When I have a dilemma, I like to talk it out with my family sometimes. I really love my family. I am thankful to my family that have helped me in becoming the person I am today. I also recently talked a lot with my sisters. I really respect my sisters. For me, I am the most important. I have to be happy. Then is my family and third would be my work.”

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Source: w korea