EXO Kai’s Love For Clothes Is On Another Level And It’s What We Expect From The King Of Fashion

Kai=Fashion king.

EXO’s Kai, who is known for both his talent and love for fashion, recently made a guest appearance on MBC‘s I live Alone and gave a sneak peek into his personal life.

He admitted that he really loved fashion and that he was true to all his clothes. “I really love clothes…”

“I am serious when it comes to clothes! Truly!”

Before going out, he tries on multiple different outfits before choosing the perfect fit for the day. 

He starts off with a classic rider jacket…

…then switches to an all black look with a hat…

…and this is just the start of Kai’s home fashion show!

He continues to pull out different pieces, taking his time to find the right outfit.

 He doesn’t forget to try out a full-on furry bear outfit too! 

We all love Kai’s ‘bear-look’ don’t we?

While watching him pick out of his clothes, the hosts found something interesting. “But all the tags are still on the clothes?”

Kai clarified that these were not new clothes.

He explained that he didn’t take the tags off his clothes since he was twenty years old.

He revealed that it was because every single piece of clothing was precious to him.

There must be a lot of clothes in his collection that are quite expensive…

…and he felt that if he ever needed some fast cash he could sell some of his clothes! 

But all jokes aside, he stated that he kept the tags on so that it would feel like he was wearing new clothes every time he put them on.

I guess this just proves once again just how serious he is about his clothes and fashion!

Source: nate pann