EXO’s Kai Learns A Hilarious New Method Of Keeping His Nephew And Niece Occupied From A Fan

Just child-rearing things.

EXO‘s Kai recently starred on an episode of  I Live Alone, revealing his luxurious house for the first time. His home consists of a huge living and dining area, a study, a dress room and of course, the master bedroom. He revealed that most of the doors to the rooms are hidden behind panels, for a very special reason.

His niece and nephew often come over to play, and their favorite game happens to be, hide and seek! The hidden doors make it perfect for him to hide. He shared that the good part about hide and seek is that if you hide well, you can rest for a long time. Taking care of kids isn’t easy!

In a hilarious twist of events, it seems that Kai was also keeping up with the clips of his appearance being uploaded onto YouTube. He spotted one comment from a fan that was so useful, he ended up posting it on his Instagram story!

| theqoo
  • “Fan: Kai-uncle, I recommend the bunggeo-bbang (taiyaki) game… It’s like asking them to count 50 sheep while laying down, but then ask them to flip them over and count it again. It’s two-in-one because they can learn numbers that way too.”
  • “Kai: Learning something good kkkkkkk”

Traditionally, bunggeo-bbang is made by flipping over the cakes to cook them on both sides. What a fun(?) game for the kids! Catch the clip of him playing hide and seek with his niece and nephew below!

Source: theqoo