EXO’s Kai Reveals His Thoughts On Potentially Launching His Own Clothing Line

He opened up about a potential clothing line, as well as about collaborations!

EXO‘s Kai recently revealed his thoughts about perhaps starting his own clothing line someday!

Kai recently shot a pictorial for and sat down for an interview with Esquire Korea, where he modelled Gucci‘s Fall And Winter Collection for 2020!

In the interview, Kai opened up about tons of stuff, including hints about his upcoming solo album, sharing advice, and more!

Taking into consideration his great affinity for fashion and art, one of the questions asked to him was whether or not he ever thought about starting his own clothing line?

You have a great sense of fashion and a talent for art; do you have plans to launch your own clothing line or a fashion item?

And Kai revealed that while he’s not too sure about it, he wouldn’t mind collaborations- especially with Gucci!

I’m not sure of it. But I would love to do it if there’s a good opportunity for various collaborations.

It would be great if that happens with Gucci.


Kai is currently promoting as a member of SuperM, and is slated to release his solo album sometime this year.

You can watch his interview with Esquire Korea here!