EXO’s Kai Opens Up About Overcoming The Obstacles In Life — Shares Advice We Can All Use

He shared his wisdom on the topic:

We all face different obstacles in our lives but having to take on those challenges is something that each and every one of us can relate to, even idols who face their own personal and professional obstacles.

Although trying to overcome our own challenges certainly isn’t easy, through a comment interview with Esquire, EXO‘s Kai opened up about facing his challenges and dished out some excellent advice we could all use in confronting our own.

Asked how he takes on the obstacles in his life, Kai started off by revealing that he hasn’t always wanted to face them, “In the past, I thought it would be better to avoid the problems and tried to forget about them and think I’m okay even when I was not okay.

After a while, however, Kai realized this wasn’t really working and instead decided to do one of the hardest things — not avoid them. “Then I felt that I cannot heal the wounds just by avoiding them, so I thought I need to deal with it face to face. When it’s hard I try to say that it’s hard, and cry when I’m sad,” he continued.

Although facing the challenges head-on wasn’t easy, he explained he came to realize, “Those holes fill up somehow so I can move on to the next step and be okay with it.”

After explaining how he takes on his own challenges, Kai had some more thoughts on the subject. Sharing even more pieces of wisdom Kai advised, “So when you have any troubles or hardships in your life I think it’s great to deal with it face to face and not avoid it. If you manage to overcome those troubles, I think you can become a better, stronger person.”

While facing our problems can be hard, Kai’s wise advice on the subject could help us all in dealing with them. Listen to all of Kai’s words on the topic and more in the video below: