EXO’s Kai Rocks One Of His Sexiest Stage Outfits In His First YouTube Video And Gets Adorably Shy

He looked amazing even though he was embarrassed!

EXO‘s Kai just released the first video in his new KAIst series, and we’re already obsessed!

EXO’s Kai | @zkdlin/Instagram

Kai picked out his own outfit for the first episode of KAIst, and he was excited to film while showing off his style. However, he ended up rocking one of his most iconic and sexiest stage outfits!

| EXO/YouTube

Before Kai arrived, the SM Entertainment staff had planned a random draw challenge for him. They hid a suit, a free pass, and one of Kai’s “Mmmh” outfits in boxes, and he had to choose one of the 3 boxes.

Kai ended up selecting the see-through blue sweater and red pants he wore in the “Mmmh” video and during one of his performances of the song.

| MBCkpop/YouTube 

Since Kai had put so much thought into his outfit, he wasn’t keen on changing into his stage costume. He said “I wore new clothes” in an attempt to get the staff to let him continue wearing his own clothes.

Although he confidently rocked the “Mmmh” outfit on stage, Kai was embarrassed to be seen wearing it in public. He asked, “I won’t be going outside today, will I?”

As it turns out, the staff had prepared other random draws to decide Kai’s transportation and activities for the day, so he did have to wear the outfit in public. He decided to wear a t-shirt under the sweater because “it’s too revealing.” 

Kai ended up biking through Seoul in the outfit. He started to feel less embarrassed as he took in the scenery, but he still wished that he could’ve worn something different.

Kai’s embarrassment hit new heights when he had to go to the SM Entertainment office while dressed in his stage outfit. As he walked in he said, “I feel so embarrassed.” 

He was especially nervous about potentially running into fellow K-Pop idols while wearing the “Mmmh” outfit. He said, “I feel like all my coworkers are looking at me.”

Thankfully, Kai didn’t run into any of his idol besties, but he did have to stand in a crowded elevator in his stage outfit. The staff wouldn’t let him press the elevator buttons, and he had to wait for someone else to go to the same floor as him. Since he was in the elevator for so long, lots of people saw Kai and he even posed for pictures with some of them.

Once he finally made it to his seventh-floor destination, Kai didn’t run into many people, and he was able to relax.

Although Kai was embarrassed to wear his iconic “Mmmh” outfit, we think he looked just as great in it offstage as he did on stage!

See the full episode of KAIst below.