EXO’s Kai And SF9’s Yoo Taeyang Finally Meet For The “Rover” Dance Challenge And Netizens Notice An Impressive Detail

Yoo Taeyang continues to prove he’s the ultimate EXO-L!

SF9‘s Yoo Taeyang, who has consistently proven to be EXO Kai‘s biggest fan, has finally joined his role model for a dance challenge.

EXO’s Kai | @weareone.exo/Instagram
SF9’s Yoo Taeyang | @taeyang_0228/Instagram

SF9’s Yoo Taeyang is the biggest EXO-L, and he’s not been shy about the fact that Kai is his ultimate bias. From frequently being the first person to film dance covers of EXO’s and Kai’s releases to fanning over Kai with FANTASYs, many wholesome moments have been witnessed over the years.

Recently, Yoo Taeyang and Kai went viral as EXO-Ls and FANTASYs worked together to connect the two idols.

It started when Yoo Taeyang was once again the first idol to participate in Kai’s “Rover” dance challenge, which earned an invite from Kai to perform the challenge together.

  • Kai: “Let’s do it together, heheh.”
  • Yoo Taeyang: “Yes! Please contact me whenever 🙌”

It then escalated to both idols hilariously consulting with their fans on Bubble about how they should contact one another.

As fans followed both idols’ Bubble interactions in real-time, they witnessed Yoo Taeyang making the first move by DMing Kai…

  • “You want me to send a DM?”
  • “Everyone is suggesting I DM him 😅”
  • “But I’ve never DM-ed anyone before…😔”
  • “Okay, all right. I’ll be brave and try.🤗 “

… and Kai relaying to fans that he received the message.

  • “I’ve been typing and deleting my response a hundred times”
  • “I’m working on replying”
  • “I just realized I use a lot of exclamation points and ‘LOL’s”

That all led up to the “Rover” dance challenge that was posted just hours ago, which finally united EXO’s Kai and SF9’s Yoo Taeyang, who had only briefly met last summer at HallyuPopFest in London.

EXO’s Kai (left) and SF9’s Yoo Taeyang (right) during their first formal meeting in 2022 | @taeyang_0228/Instagram

For the dance challenge, the two met at the SM Entertainment building, and Yoo Taeyang once again proved he was the ultimate EXO-L.

Netizens noticed that Yoo Taeyang had impressively worn the same jeans Kai wore during Inkigayo‘s performance earlier that day.

As expected, they both were incredible in the dance challenge as the main dancers of their respective groups.

Fans were excited to see their collective efforts pay off and that Yoo Taeyang became the ultimate successful fan.

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