EXO’s Kai Was Asked To Choose Between A 7-Year-Old SHINee’s Taemin Or 10 Current Age Taemins—Here’s His Answer

The most iconic duo!

EXO‘s Kai talked about his bestie SHINee‘s Taemin during a recent radio appearance!

EXO’s Kai (left) and SHINee’s Taemin (right) | @KammilleRiz/Twitter

EXO’s Kai recently released his second mini album, Peaches, and it’s amazing! He visited Red Velvet Wendy‘s radio show on SBS Power FMWendy’s Youngstreet to discuss the album and its title track “Peaches.”

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The two SM Entertainment labelmates also did the “Peaches” dance challenge together, and they slayed it!

| EXO/YouTube

While he was on the radio show, Kai answered fan questions.

One of his fans sent in a question related to Taemin. Wendy read the fan’s question, which was “If you had to pick between 10 current day Taemins or 1 naughty 7-year-old Taemin, which one would you choose?”

Kai thought the fan’s question was hilarious. He laughed and said, “Oh, this is a spicy one!” 

Kai answered, “For me, I personally believe that just one is always best. No matter how naughty Taemin is, he really isn’t that bad. Honestly, I’m kind of curious so I want to see it.”

Fans pointed out on Twitter that Taemin and Kai have known each other practically their whole lives, so it makes total sense that Kai would be curious about what Taemin was like before he knew him.

Over the years, Kai and Taemin have given fans plenty of glimpses into their friendship. They were once spotted hanging out together and taking a late-night stroll by Dispatch.

They’ve proudly supported one another over the course of their careers, like when Taemin filmed Kai’s reaction to EXO’s first music show win when they won with “Wolf” in 2013.

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They also collaborated on the song “Pretty Boy,” which was written by SHINee’s Jonghyun for the two best friends.

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Once they both became members of SuperM, fans were treated to even more interactions between the two.

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Based on Kai’s answer and his years-long friendship with Taemin, there are sure to be many more memorable TaeKai friendship moments to look forward to in the future!