EXO’s Kai Announces That He’s Preparing For A Solo Debut

He dropped a bomb on EXO-Ls!

EXO‘s Kai was recently the guest on radio broadcast, Moon Hee Jun’s Music Show. There, he looked back on his career of over 8 years. He confessed that he’s been feeling very happy these days because he is getting the opportunity to pursue what he loves and make his own choices.

“Truthfully, I’ve never been happier. I was happy when I debuted but I think I debuted without fully knowing anything. I feel that everyday and everything is precious these days.

I think I’m learning and doing more of what I love now compared to before. I’m glad that I’m getting the opportunity to choose what I want to do.”

— Kai


Knowing that he has more freedom to do what he loves, Moon Hee Jun asked if he has plans to debut as a soloist. Kai then dropped a bomb on his fans by revealing that it’s in the works!

“Of course there is.”

— Kai


On behalf of the EXO-Ls who are desperate to know more, Moon Hee Jun asked for a timeline of when his solo album will be dropping. Ever the mysterious man, Kai said it was a secret!

“It’s a secret.”

— Kai


Will Kai be the next EXO member to make his solo debut? EXO-Ls will just have to wait and see!

Source: Sports Chosun