EXO-Ls Are Feeling Attacked By The Intense Visual Battle Between EXO’s Kai And His X-EXO Clone In New Teasers

Kai and his X-EXO clone will make you #ObsessedWithKai

As their November 27 comeback draws ever nearer, things are starting to heat up between EXO and their  X-EXO clones!


Ahead of the release of their 6th album “OBSESSION, on November 11, EXO and X-EXO revealed they’d be going head to head for a showdown between EXO’s Kai and X-EXO’s Kai!


Following the battle announcement, EXO and X-EXO went head to head on Twitter with EXO’s official account dropping the first set of individual teasers featuring a strong and fierce-looking Kai!


They also released a moving poster and a concept teaser which highlighted EXO Kai’s intense visuals.


On the flip side, X-EXO’s account also dropped a set of teasers featuring a dangerous and formidable-looking doppelganger!


Like EXO’s Kai, X-EXO’s Kai also got his own moving poster and concept teaser which highlighted his dangerous visuals.


As soon as the teasers images dropped, fans went wild as the hashtag #ObsessedWithKai took over the trends worldwide!


And is it any wonder? EXO’s Kai and X-EXO’s Kai served some fierce and fabulous visuals that are absolutely stunning! Now the question is, who do you think will win this match?