Anti-Fans Attack EXO Members With Laser Pointers During Recent Concert

EXO-Ls are absolutely furious with the turn of events.

EXO recently held a concert in Macau where the audience noticed the members being attacked by a laser pointer mid-performance.


A laser followed Sehun around while he was dancing on stage. The laser was pointed right towards his face.


The anti-fan continued to point the laser at the other members, keeping it focused near their eyes.


Fans caught evidence of laser pointers being directed straight into the members’ eyes, an act that is both highly dangerous and disrespectful.


Having a laser pointer directed right at your eye can cause eye injuries and even temporary or permanent sight impairment, depending on the power of the laser.


The members were frequently seen squinting or rubbing their eyes after having a laser shot directly into them.


EXO-Ls are absolutely enraged at the anti-fans who endangered the members.


Thankfully, SM Entertainment hasn’t released any reports of serious injuries caused to the members.

Source: AAO