EXO-Ls and Beliebers Unite During Joint Twitter Event “EXOxBieber”

An EXOxBieber collab isn’t just a want – it’s a NEED.

On July 12, EXO-Ls and Beliebers came together to share their love for both EXO and Justin Bieber through a streaming event held on Twitter. Using the hashtag #EXOxBieber, fans celebrated their own favorite artist while also giving a listen to the other, some of which being their first time hearing them.

The event was a collaboration between the Philippines-based @JBPhilippines (a Justin Bieber street team) and @Phixobar (an EXO fanclub). With their two followings totaling nearly 40,000 users on the platform, it’s no wonder that their Twitter space as well as #EXOxBieber began to trend around the world.

It makes sense that these two fandoms would find common ground, as EXO themselves expressed their appreciation for Justin’s music in the past. Members Baekhyun, Chanyeol, and D.O. have even done covers of his song “Boyfriend” online and in concert!

One EXO-L even shared a Tik Tok created by @iamroo2002, who spliced the original recording of Justin’s “Love Yourself” with a cover posted by D.O. and Chanyeol. Their voices blended extremely well together, showing off the singing chops of EXO as well as Justin!

Even though Beliebers haven’t been too thrilled about the idea of Justin doing any collaborations with K-Pop artists in the past, the kindness shown by EXO-Ls as well as the group’s amazing talent definitely has them thinking twice. Fans of both artists have come forward with their desire for them to do something together in the future!

What do you think about the #EXOxBieber event?