EXO-Ls Are Convinced EXO Will Make A Comeback As A Complete 9-Member Group

Will OT9 reunite?!

EXO’s Lay has recently been trending on social media after being spotted at the airport heading to South Korea!


He was seen by fans leaving the airport in Beijing.


And arrived safely in South Korea, welcomed by a crowd of fans!


The last time Lay visited Korea was in April to support EXO-CBX, which caused fans to shed tears of joy seeing the members reunite. Fans are hoping to see some interaction between the members this time as well.


Regardless of the purpose of his visit, fans have been giving him a warm welcome back to Korea and are just extremely happy to see him back on the same land as the rest of the members.


Some fans, however, are quite convinced that Lay has come back to Korea to join EXO in their comeback as a 9-member group.


The fact that Baekhyun recently posted an update on his Weibo account, which he hasn’t done in awhile, has also been amping up the excitement.


Only time will tell whether EXO will make a comeback as a reunited, 9-member group as fans hope, but fans continue to look forward to more interaction between Lay and the other EXO members while he is in Korea!