EXO Reveals Which Member Earns The Most Money Out Of The Group

He’s the richest of them all!

EXO appeared on Radio Star where Suho allegedly claimed Baekhyun and he had the highest income out of all of the members.

Suho clarified that all of the members point to each other when asked who makes the most money, and that’s because… “The member who makes the most money has to pay the check.


For instance, someone would say, “Hey Suho, I heard you were cast for a musical. You pay the check this time!” Whenever this happens, the member that was put in the spotlight usually claims something like, “Oh that? I basically did that for free.

But Suho clarified that it doesn’t work with Baekhyun because they have statistical proof that he earned a lot with his solo album.

It doesn’t work with Baekhyun though, because we have the statistics. He sold over 500,000 of his solo album.

— Suho


When asked how Suho makes his money, he claimed he “lives diligently” by earning money through musicals, movies, and more.


Chanyeol appears to be the most wealthy when it comes to properties though, because he’s recently become a building owner! He explained that he’s been diligent with growing his money through investments and has now found peace with real estate!

I make investments, like real estate. I’m diligent with my pensions and housing subscriptions.

I actually became an owner of a building about 2 months ago. My heart has become more free ever since. I’ve become more relaxed.

— Chanyeol


He’s happy that his finances are in order because that allows him the freedom to shower his members with gifts! Chanyeol loves spending money on his friends, so much that he bought all of the members a top-of-the-line laptops to game with together!

I like to spend money and buy gifts for people I love. I find satisfaction through it.

I recently got hooked on a game and thought it would be fun to play with all of the members. Since they didn’t have [gaming laptops], I bought all of them one to play with me.

— Chanyeol


When asked who makes the least amount of money, Chanyeol and Kai raised their hands. But Chanyeol explained that none of the members make significantly lower and higher than the rest of the members.


But really, what does it matter when all 9 Kings are rolling in money from their 8 years of history-making?!

Source: Kyeongjae