EXO D.O.’s Reportedly Enlisting In The Military In Less Than Two Months

The date has been set.

It has been reported that EXO’s D.O.‘s military enlistment date has been set. According to numerous industry workers, D.O. will be enlisting on July 1.


D.O. was born in 1993 and therefore, he still has some time before his deadline. According to the current Military Service Act, male citizens can apply for a postponement a total of 5 times until they are 28 years of age (international age) and therefore, D.O. only needs to enlist by 2021.

Despite the remaining time, it seems that D.O. is determined to enlist and complete his military service more quickly as other EXO members begun enlisting.


D.O. is said to have submitted his application after having sufficient discussions with SM Entertainment and the other EXO members. After Xiumin, he will be the second EXO member to enlist in the military.


SM Entertainment confirmed his enlistment date for July 1, and D.O. uploaded a handwritten letter to his fans explaining his decision.