EXO Being EXO In This New Commercial Will Make You Want To Buy The Product

They look extra good, as always.

EXO have been endorsing the South Korean cosmetic brand Nature Republic for the past 7 years. And in their latest commercial, EXO members looked happy just being themselves – and it’s leaving the fans so full of love, making them miss Xiumin and Lay who are currently away from the group.


In the commercial, EXO members can be spotted being cheeky with each other. Look how bamboozled Chanyeol looks when the rest of the members continue being frozen in time and space while he tries to figure out what’s going on!


Members also play the lie detector game. When D.O. gives a weak answer, Chanyeol urges him to speak up. D.O. playfully imitates Chanyeol, but ends up getting sparked! The facial expression on D.O.’s face has all the EXO-Ls cracking up.


Members Baekhyun, Chanyeol, and Sehun are also captured having fun while playing around with Suho who fell asleep on the couch. These brief quirky little captures of EXO being EXO throughout the commercial helped reassure the fans that EXO’s brotherhood is still strong!


Here’s Baekhyun living his best K-Beauty YouTuber moment…


… and Chen judging Suho hard for using ridiculous lotion-applying hands!


D.O. also gave Kai a lesson on how to properly put on skin care products. While Kai wanted to splash everything on himself, D.O. stopped him and taught him how to gently pat the product on to the skin.


All in all, the commercial is 2:50 of EXO being EXO AF. But with EXO members’ flawless visuals glowing through the screen, it is surely convincing enough to make the viewers want to try the product.

Watch the full clip below: