EXO’s D.O. Opens Up About How His Parents Handle His Fame

With his fame growing with his acting career, his parents have switched their views.

D.O. has always been famous as a member of the mega-popular boy group, EXO. As D.O. continues to venture more out into his acting career, his fame has also begun reaching a more diverse fanbase.

D.O. in his recent movie, “Swing Kids”.


His fanbase was originally mostly comprised of teenagers to young adult because of his work with EXO. However, more and more older fans have begun recognizing him because of his work in dramas and movies.

D.O. in his recent drama, “100 Days My Prince”.

“I felt it after 100 Days My Prince. It wasn’t while walking the streets. I don’t have time to walk the streets because of my schedules.

Instead, I feel it while getting requests for my signatures. I used to only write their names, but I’ve recently gotten a lot of mothers.”

— D.O.


He now makes sure to be more considerate when taking sign requests. He doesn’t want to address an older fan informally!

“I’ve begun asking for their age. I have fans who are 45 years old, over 50 years old, so I feel it in that sense. I think to myself, ‘I shouldn’t only write their names now’ and write ‘~ Mother’ at the end.

A lot has changed in that sense. I feel a lot of mothers recognize me now.”

— D.O.


With his fame growing more into his parents’ age category, D.O. revealed that his parents are handling it very well!

“My parents are very proud of me. We recently had a VIP premiere that they attended, and they were so happy that they cried. They loved it a lot.”

— D.O.


They’re actually very glad to see their son being recognized by their peers.

“I just want to keep being a son that my parents are proud of. I went home yesterday, but they weren’t home. They rarely go to social gatherings but they decided to attend some since its nearing the end of the year.

They told me that people always talk about 100 Days My Prince at those meetings. They told me that they feel proud of me every time.”

— D.O.


D.O.’s parents better be ready for a lot more because he’s without-a-doubt going far and beyond his current status thanks to EXO and his acting career!

Source: News1