EXO’s Sehun And Chanyeol Reveal Their Goals For “1 Billion Views” As Well As Words To One Another

Let’s hope they hit “1 Billion Views”!

The boys of EXO-SC recently dropped their music video for “On Me” and “Telephone” prior to the launch of their comeback album. Sitting down with XSports News, Sehun and Chanyeol spoke about their upcoming tracks for 1 Billion Views.

According to Chanyeol, the title track is a retro disco tune that features lyrics that the current generation will have no problem relating to, as it uses commonly thrown around phrases on the Internet such as “webdrama”, “ASMR” and “4K quality videos”.

The boys also were tasked to express “1 Billion Views” in a sentence, to which Chanyeol asked fans to listen to “1 Billion Views” 1 billion times, while Sehun said that the song is one that you wouldn’t get sick of even after a billion listens.

It seems like the boys have lofty ambitions for this round of promotions, and rightfully so. Sehun shared with fans that they had put in a lot of effort in putting together the album, and so he hopes that more people will listen to their music and like it.

The boys are also known for their close friendship, so when asked to say a word to each other, they both kept it short and sweet. Sehun endearingly asked his hyung to stay with him to the end, while Chanyeol thanked Sehun for doing well in 2020 and expressed his happiness to have been able to do music together with him.

EXO-SC’s comeback this time is their first full length album as a duo and will drop on the 13th of July at 6pm KST. In the meantime, check out the teaser below!

Source: XSports News