EXO’s Sehun Calls Out His Rumored “Girlfriend” For Leading Fans On — Threatens Legal Action

“Ever since a couple of years ago, a woman has been pretending to be my girlfriend…”

EXO‘s Sehun addressed allegations claiming his alleged girlfriend was pregnant.

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On March 28, EXO’s Sehun took to his Instagram to address rumors stating his alleged girlfriend was pregnant and that the idol was spotted at an OB-GYN.

Below is the full translation of the idol’s IG story.

For a couple of days, there have been ridiculous rumors circling the internet, and I felt that I would need to respond legally to correct them.

As my fans will know, ever since a couple of years ago, there has been a woman who has been pretending to be my girlfriend. (The woman) uploads posts to her social media accounts to make it seem like we are dating. I have known this because I have been told of her, but because she isn’t someone I know, I just let it slide, and because of that, the situation has come to this.

All of the pictures and writings going around the internet aren’t me. I am absolutely sure.

— @oosehun/Instagram

The idol’s response comes a day after it was reported that there were rumors alleging Sehun’s alleged girlfriend was pregnant. Sehun previously assured fans that the rumors weren’t true through a private messaging app.

EXO’s Sehun Surprises Fans With Response To Recent Pregnancy Rumors

The rumors reportedly stem from a photo that the alleged girlfriend uploaded, which some netizens claimed was of the idol.

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With this man, who is a gift.

— Sehun’s alleged girlfriend

The rumors ramped up when another netizen claimed that they saw a male idol at an OB-GYN clinic. The netizens alleged that the idol was not married and speculated that the idol and his alleged girlfriend had a premarital pregnancy.

I went for my preliminary check-up (at the OB-GYN), and I was surprised to see an idol. For your information, it was a man! He isn’t married, so it made me think he (and his girlfriend) had a premarital pregnancy.

— Netizen

SM Entertainment responded to the allegations on March 27. In a statement, SM Entertainment emphatically denied the rumors as defamation and vowed to take legal action.

The rumors that are being spread online about Sehun are baseless misinformation, and spreading the rumors maliciously is a crime. Although the post has been deleted, we are monitoring the original author and those who spread the rumors and will take legal action.

— SM Entertainment

Stay tuned for updates.

Source: @oohsehun/Instagram