EXO-Ls Are Taking Over Twitter With New Theories About Sehun’s “OBSESSION” Role After New Teaser Dropped

Sehun could be the key in the fight between EXO and X-EXO.

Ever since EXO-Ls learned about the second EXO, aka X-EXO, they’ve been diving into the theories headfirst and making connections between the past EXO eras. Now with more information thanks to a new concept trailer, EXO-Ls have a new theory about Sehun‘s role in the fight between EXO and X-EXO.


On November 8 at 12 AM KST, EXO shared a first look at the concept for their upcoming comeback. With references to the tree of life, the red force, and EXO’s powers, the stunning teaser left fans breathless.


As EXO-Ls take over Twitter worldwide to talk about the teaser, they’re also developing new theories about EXO and X-EXO’s fight as well as Sehun’s role in the whole thing! At the end of the new teaser, Sehun can be seen drawing back a bow aiming into the distance.


Right after Sehun lines up his target, the words “Let the fight begin” were displayed alluding to the upcoming fight between EXO and X-EXO.


With the thought of a fight between the two EXO’s in EXO-Ls’ minds, fans have come up with a brilliant theory as to why Sehun was holding the bow and arrow. Previously, fans had noted that Case-94, who represents Sehun, was the only one who didn’t have a target locked on him in the first teaser photo.


Keeping that in mind, when fans saw that Sehun was the archer at the end of the teaser, they quickly hypothesized that the Sehun we’ve seen in the teasers isn’t a member of X-EXO like the others but is an actual member of EXO and will be the key to saving EXO.


Some fans have further pointed out that Sehun might have even gone undercover in X-EXO after noticing he was the only one to have his makeup smudged.


As EXO-Ls continue to delve into the mysteries of EXO and X-EXO, the anticipation for their comeback grows ever stronger! Meanwhile, EXO will be making their return on November 27 with their 6th album OBSESSION.