EXO’s Sehun Undergoes Surgery

We wish him a speedy recovery.

EXO‘s Sehun has undergone surgery and is in recovery.

EXO’s Sehun | SM Entertainment

EXO-Ls are currently feeling a mix of emotions. Earlier today, it was announced that EXO would hold an on and offline fan event in honor of the group’s 10th anniversary.

Yet, Sehun updated EXO-Ls via the Bubble feature on the Lysn app regarding his condition. He recently had surgery and is in recovery.

I’m doing well. I had a surgery on a part that hasn’t been going well in a while and I can’t do anything because I’m still recovering. …that’s why I’ve been telling you to stay healthy, take your vitamins and eat something that’s good for your body.

— Sehun via Bubble

He did not specify what kind of surgery but reassured fans that it was minor. Still, it was for something he had been struggling with for a while.

It’s just a minor surgery, it’ll be okay if I rest for a bit…

I’ve been thinking about taking care of my health these days, it it because I’m getting older haha

— Sehun via Bubble

Sehun then concluded the update by asking for dinner suggestions. So, he seems to be doing well despite everything.

What should I have for dinner?

Have something delicious, and I’ll contact you again.

— Sehun via Bubble

EXO-Ls are praising Sehun for how he communicated the news. Even during his own struggles, he shows genuine care and concern for others.

Since Sehun shared the news, “#GetWellSoonSehun” and “#AlwaysBySehunSide” have trended on Twitter along with #GetWellSoonKai” as EXO-Ls convey messages of wellness and love for him and fellow member Kai. Recently, Kai tested positive for COVID-19.

We wish both Sehun and Kai a speedy recovery.

Source: Lysn