EXO’s Sehun Writes A Touching Review For A Fan That Released A Book Inspired By His Dog, Vivi — Here’s The Fan’s Backstory

“She is amazing and cool, and I’m also very proud.”

What started with a pure love for curry and EXO Sehun‘s dog, Vivi, resulted in this one fan becoming perhaps the most “successful fan” ever! Although she started off with a humble Twitter account posting her regular curry dishes, Kim Min Ji now owns her very own curry restaurant! For years, she tickled fans with her renditions of curry using various spices, in the likeness of Vivi, Sehun’s dog.

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The likeness is uncanny!

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Fans showered her account and dishes with lots of love and she soon grew a small following. She got her start by joining a pop-up restaurant where she sold her special Vivi Curry. Thanks to the ardent support from fellow EXO-Ls, she often sold out her curry during the pop-up duration. Taking that love for cooking (and Vivi!) one step further, Kim Min Ji opened her very own curry restaurant, simply called Curry. It is located in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul.

Having learned much from operating her own restaurant, Min Ji decided to write her experiences down in a book. The book was recently published in November by Semicolon Books. Titled, Curry: I Am Person Who Makes Curry, the book is a mishmash of curry recipes, prose, and musings of the heart.

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Although getting her own book published was already a dream come true, one of her acquaintances decided to surprise her with a book review from her one and only idol, Sehun himself.

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This isn’t the first time Sehun’s heard of Vivi Curry though. Min Ji once went to a fan sign and told him all about the curry and her dreams. Back then, he had promised to visit her one day to eat the famed Vivi Curry. Min Ji shared that it was the thought of Sehun suddenly popping by for a surprise visit that kept her going in tough times. He rehashed his promise once again in the book review. As her restaurant is growing in popularity, he even swore to wait outside in his car for a seat.

When I heard about this book at first, I couldn’t help but laugh. Just what kind of book did she publish with ‘Vivi Curry’? But after I read it to the end, I changed my thoughts. I felt that the owner of the restaurant, who likes me, wrote it while honestly and sincerely considering each and every word. She is amazing and cool, and I’m also very proud. I will definitely bring Vivi with me and go eat Vivi Curry one day. Although Vivi can’t eat curry, she’ll probably give Vivi an apple right? Vivi, you’re so lucky. She says she likes you more than me. Let’s go soon. Let’s go find her without warning. Even if I can’t go in, I will wait in my car in front of the store.

— Sehun

Congratulations to Min Ji for achieving her dreams and becoming a successful fan, all at the same time! We can’t wait for Sehun to visit your store!

Source: Chosun