EXO’s Suho Wins Most Memorable Epic Fansign Ever With A Special “All-Expenses-Paid” Fansign On Jeju Island

Most of the time, it is the fans who create events for idols.

EXO‘s Suho recently held a fansign for his solo mini-album, GREY SUIT. While fansigns are ordinary enough, this was special because it was held on Jeju Island. Most fansigns are held in Seoul, South Korea, for the artist’s convenience. This time, Suho wanted to make it an unforgettable event for fans. The cafe was even specifically picked for its gorgeous ocean view.

What truly shocked fans was that the winners would get an all-expenses-paid trip. Not only were return flight tickets from Seoul to Jeju island included, but fans would also receive a free drink, special freebies, and of course, a signed album. Thirty winners would be picked from the lucky draw.

Fansign information for Suho’s fansign. | Soundwave Korea

ONEDAY CAFÉ in JEJU is an album signing event held in a cafe on Jeju Island where you can see the ocean and you will be provided a drink and unique gifts.

Date: 2022. 04. 16 (Saturday)

Location: A cafe on Jeju Island

Winners Count: 30 Winners

What will be provided to all winners:

1. A return ticket to Jeju Island and transport to the cafe

2. A drink from the cafe

3. Special gifts

4. Signed album

*Details of the event will be provided separately after the winners are announced.

— Soundwave Korea

Suho even talked about the event on radio. He admitted that he had planned to pay for the event initially with his own money, but it was taken over by the company eventually. He had come up with the idea himself and suggested it to his company which paid for the fans’ expenses.

The cherry on top of the cake was that the fans could choose the return flight date. They would be able to stay on the island for a few extra days if they wanted a short holiday. The event was held on a Saturday, perfect for a weekend getaway!

It will be held on Jeju Island. Of course, I’ll get to meet the fans in Jeju, but we will give the fans from Seoul return tickets as well, and they can even choose the return date as what is comfortable for them. Thirty people will be going. That’s the event we planned for the fansign. It’s not paid for by me, but I discussed it with my company. After talking about it with my company… I had planned to pay for it initially, but the company said they would pay for it as it is a good thing.

— Suho

Fans made their way to the event, all excited. One fan even commented that it was like a school trip. They were given lanyards, wet tissue, and a pen on the bus.

I’m going on a field trip.

— @dongza562

The view from the cafe was gorgeous.

The view from the cafe. | @cocoball0_0/Twitter

Suho rocked up to the event in a checked jacket, armed with his phone. He used his phone to take pictures with the fans.

Some lucky fans even won polaroids with him!

Even non-fans were in awe of the event. Not only did he gift the fans with time spent with him, but he also gave them a beautiful memory to keep forever!

Netizen reactions to the fansign. | theqoo
  • “Wow, based on my standards, this is the most epic fansign ever. LOL, his fans must be happy.”
  • “It’s amazing. Just how happy must the fans have been?”
  • “Wow, it must’ve been great.”
  • “As expected of Junmyun, amazing.”
  • “What’s up with this? I’m f*cking tearing up… He seems like someone amazing in more than one way. So cool…”
  • “Amazing..”
  • “Wow, it’s amazing…”
  • “Wow, what is this… it’s so great… He’s giving them the gift of Jeju’s sea and even the gift of memories.”
  • “Oh, the view in this cafe is pretty.”
  • “He’s a saint. This is such a great memory for the fans.”

Most of the time, the fans create events for the idols during fansigns. Suho managed to return the love he had received from fans through this creative and touching event!

Source: theqoo