EXO’s Suho Wins First Place In Rankings For Idol That Gives The Best Musical Performance

He won over veteran musical idols!

EXO‘s Suho has won first place in rankings for “Musical Satisfaction Level 200% Idol”. The rankings are to decide on the idol that gives the best, most satisfactory musical performance, with many idols being considered for the rankings.

Mobile K-Pop app, IDOLCHAMP, held the votes from between 21 August to 31 August for fans to vote. Other idols including NU’EST‘s Ren and ASTRO‘s MJ who starred in Jamie, VIXX‘s Taekwoon who was cast in Marie Antoinette, as well as Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun who has over 10 years of experience with musicals.

Suho won acclaim with his starring role in The Man Who Laughs, as he showed off a spine-chilling performance and an impressive vocal range. He debuted in the musical, The Last Kiss, prior to this.

Coming in after Suho on the rankings are Ren, Kyuhyun and SEVENTEEN‘s Dokyum. As a prize, Suho will receive a congratulatory promotional video that will be displayed on the MBC Every1 and MBC Dramanet channels 24 times.

Source: Star Today