EXO’s Suho Personally Invites Fans To His Upcoming Online “O2asis” Fanmeeting

Suho extended a sweet invitation to fans:

EXO‘s Suho will be holding an online fanmeeting to celebrate his solo debut and everyone’s invited!

A few days ago, EXO announced through Twitter that Suho would be holding a fanmeeting. Since physical fanmeetings are currently impossible due to the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic, they revealed that his O2asis fanmeeting would be held completely online which means that fans all over the world can attend the event!

While many EXO-L learned about the fanmeeting through the tweet or through the conversation it immediately sparked online, Suho made sure that fans received a personal invitation to the big event!

Image: @kimjuncotton/Instagram

On April 10, Suho popped over to his Instagram page to share the O2asis teaser photo. Along with the picture, Suho also extended a personal invitation to fans for the fanmeeting.

O2asis. I’m inviting everyone to 수확행’s (short for ‘수호가 주는 확실한 행복이요’ which means ‘The certain happiness that Suho always gives’) final boss round.

With Suho once again showing just how much he loves EXO-L with his special invitation, EXO-L are even more excited to attend the big event! The fanmeeting is set to be held on April 12 at 4 PM KST through EXO’s official V Live channel. Fans can expect a performance of “Let’s Love”, a Q&A session, games, and more during the event!

Are you excited about the fanmeeting?

Image: @weareoneEXO/Twitter