EXO’s D.O. Spotted Carrying A Military Bag That’s Nearly The Same Size As He Is

Fans are dying from the cuteness overload!

EXO‘s D.O. had finished his commencement ceremony in the army as it’s nearly been 2 months since he enlisted.

exo do military bag 1

Soon after, he boarded the train with his fellow military men to what it appears to be the destination for his own platoon. But fans quickly noticed that D.O.’s bag was nearly as big as he was!

exo do army 1

Adored for his smol size, fans couldn’t help but die over his cuteness!

exo do army 2

exo do military bag

But all EXO-Ls know that despite his petite stature, D.O. has a determination that’s more powerful than any law of physics!

exo do military bag 4

Meanwhile, D.O. has been assigned to utilize his cooking skills in the military, and he’ll be discharged in 2021. Here’s to a safe and speedy military service!

exo do military bag 3

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