Despite Their Own Hectic Schedules, EXO’s Chanyeol And Suho Make Time To Surprise Xiumin During “Brand New” Promotions

EXO will always go out of their way to support each other.

During EXO Xiumin‘s music show promotions for his debut with “Brand New,” Suho and Chanyeol made surprise visits despite their busy schedules, proving once again how much the members value their friendship over all else.

Despite having just wrapped up a concert in Japan, Suho came straight off the plane after he returned to South Korea to surprise Xiumin.


From Xiumin’s reaction, it’s clear that he had no idea that Suho was coming. After the shock faded, he teased Suho, saying he visited just because the music show location was on the way home from the airport, although it’s clear that he was touched by Suho’s visit.

As they monitored his rehearsal stage together, Xiumin asked Suho to do the “Brand New” dance challenge with him, and though Suho initially refused, he quickly changed his mind.

For the next thirty minutes, Suho gave his all to learn the dance of “Brand New,” an energetic and complex choreography that isn’t easy to learn. Though Xiumin was worried, advising Suho to go home and rest given that he had just come from a packed schedule (since they could always film the dance challenge another day), Suho was thoroughly enjoying his time learning the dance and being there with Xiumin.

The result of his hard work was this adorable video that had EXO-Ls crying over their cute interaction.


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♬ Brand New – XIUMIN

Suho wasn’t the only member that visited Xiumin during his stage promotions; Chanyeol surprised Xiumin and visited only ten days after his official military discharge, bringing along with him his dog Zzar.

While they had a shorter time together, Xiumin was nonetheless excited that Chanyeol came to visit. Though he’s definitely a cat person, Xiumin couldn’t help but smile softly as he looked at Zzar before they took pictures together.

Suho and Chanyeol weren’t the only members to support Xiumin; all the members made time to visit him either on set or during promotions, and though D.O. wasn’t able to be with him in person, he did send Xiumin the sweetest message.

With Lay back in South Korea and Baekhyun‘s military discharge date approaching, fans can see the end of their long wait in the near distance. We just have to wait a little longer before the comeback, and when that day comes, there’s no doubt it’ll be legendary.


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